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CELLS 2019

C.E.L.L.S Program

Creative Expression Lore & Life Skills (C.E.L.L.S) is a training program that offers career development using an art-based curriculum; Visual and Graphic Art Design, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Education, Employment Readiness Training, Network and 

Marketing tools, Community-based Peer Outreach Education and CPR, AED/

First Aid Cert.


Tina's Baby Healthy Eating Cooking Class

Learn basic skills on food preparation, gardening and how to prepare a thirty-minute balanced meal using food with high nutritional value, designed to help avoid obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many other chronic conditions. (1 hours)

Outdoor Aerobics

Breathe, Burn & Build Fitness

Weight loss training, emphasizing cardio, aerobic fitness and breathe meditation with hands on support that focus on a workout plan, with your specific goals and needs in mind.  (30 Minutes)

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