CELLS Program

Creative Expression Lore & Life Skills (C.E.L.L.S) participates will receive training in Artistic Designs using  Organic  and/or Re-purposed materials, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Education and Branding, Employment Readiness Training,  Network and  Marketing tools, Community-based Peer Outreach Education, Customer Service skills, Self Sufficiency Standard and Financial Independence.   We provide CPR Safety/First Aid Training, and also training to  improve Organizational skills, Decision making, Food Preparation and gardening.

Tina's Baby Healthy Eating Cooking Class

Come join our licensed instructor(s) in a hands on cooking class.  Our instructor(s) will show you how to prepare a thirty minute balanced meal, fit for a busy lifestyle.  Our meal plans are designed to help you avoid obesity, diabetes,  heart disease and many other chronic conditions. You will learn basic skills for creating diverse meals using food with the highest nutritional value . (1 hours)

Breathe, Burn & Build Fitness

Tina's Baby weight loss training, emphasize cardio and aerobic fitness, good for core strengthening and flexibility gains.  Our instructors will provide hands on support focusing on a workout plan, with your specific goals and needs in mind.  Your pre-planned day is organized with the purpose of directing you, to adopt a healthier lifestyle and assure you reach your ultimate fitness goals. (30 Minutes)

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