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Breathe, Burn & Build Fitness

Find out what all the buzz is about! Gain strength, flexibility and release stress with our extraordinary workout plan.
Breathe, Burn & Build Fitness

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Time is TBD
Online Class

About the Event

Various forms of Fitness available:

  • Weight Loss Training

Emphasizing on cardio, muscle stregh, flexiblility and overall fitness, we provide hands on support that focus on a workout plan, with your specific goals and needs in mind. 

  • Nutrition & Wellness Planning

You can accomplish all of your fitness goals with good nutrition and exercise.  That is why our focus is more on figuring out how your body responses to food instead of what supplements to add to your diet.

  • Mental Fitness

Breatheology teaches how to become aware of your breathing and how to train it to breathe properly. Your body will immediately absorb more oxygen and after a short time you gain greater mental calmness.  It covers the advantages of efficient breathing, gain more energy in your daily life, become better at managing stress, optimize your work and sport performances, avoid illnesses and chronic or transient pain, get well faster and become happier and more positive!

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